In November 1998 we purchased the property now known as Rhodes River Ranch. Along with the land came 2 llamas, 3 goats, 12 ducks, and 13 chickens. 
   The two llamas were Tino and Freckles. Neither of them appeared to have received much attention. Tino was curious, as most llamas are, and would certainly come forward for grain. He loved his grain! Freckles, the female, however wanted little to do with people. Neither of them were aggressive, simply frightened of people. They had not been shorn, wormed, or vaccinated for quite a while. They also needed their toenails trimmed, but attempting to do so at the time was very hard. These llamas had probably not had a halter on in years

     With difficulty, Tino and Freckles were loaded into a trailer and were taken to an opportunely scheduled John Mallon llama training clinic in the neighboring community of Bellingham. Within two days the llamas were walking off leads with greater ease, and being haltered less fearfully. More importantly, I began the process of understanding the nature of these beautiful, gentle animals, and began to acquire the skills which I would need to properly care for them.

     From my initial experience with our first llamas, Freckles and Tino, having gentle, well-trained llamas became very important to me. It is essential from the perspective of their comfort, when they require routine interaction and vet care, and my joy and comfort in interacting with them.

Jean Rhodes, ranch owner

We are currently breeding and showing North American, Peruvian and Bolivian llamas at Rhodes River Ranch. Please select which llamas you would like to see. For more information on llamas, email us at: