When you reach a plateau in your riding, Centered Riding can help you access the next level.

Center Riding Clinics

2013 Centered Riding Clinics at RRR
Elaine Meredith Steele
Sally Haney


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Elaine Meredith Steele
Monthly Centered Riding Open Clinics
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Centered Riding and Alexander Technique 
with Sally Haney
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Elaine Meredith Steele "Mini Clinic" workshops available:
For $135/person: group of same 4 riders get 4 group lessons during weekend
With: questions and answers time between sessions
And: CR progression in lessons



Elaine Meredith Steele

Schedule one lesson, or three; schedule four or more and save with our new "Mini Clinic" pricing. Have fun learning as you discover new things about your horse. As you develop awareness of your personal riding habits find out how they influence your horse's habits.

Then join us for a "Sunday Funday Playtime" finale. Come to do something more than ride around in circles in the arena; put those new skills to work playing games or learning drill team formations such as double lines, pinwheels and tight turns (a skill that helps one when negotiating those narrow mountain trails). As one participant commented: "It's a hoot, you feel so accomplished afterwards!" 

Centered Riding is a body centered approach that will deepen your understanding and enjoyment of the horse and rider partnership. And there is no better place for this Centered Riding workshop than the beautiful surroundings of Rhodes River Ranch. The sessions will take place in the ranch's spacious, heated indoor arena. 

Elaine began her Instructor training in 1992, and since then has taught Centered Riding across the country and around the world. She helps students of all disciplines to integrate awareness into their riding. By stabilizing the rider and clarifying body communication, Elaine shows students how to help the horse develop natural sound movement. The better the horse goes the more enjoyable for both horse and rider.

Enjoyment, fun... These are the words that Elaine uses most when she speaks of her approach to teaching. This is not a dry presentation; it is interactive, with teacher... well, people trainer as Elaine likes to call herself, rider and horse discovering each other.

Sally Haney

Sally Haney is the sum of her teachers - both equine and human. They have all given generously. If you would like to hear about any or all of them, just ask her. She will happily tell you about the many wonderful horses in her life and gifted human teachers she has been fortunate enough to work with.

Sally holds a BA degree in Psychology and Education and has completed the classroom credits for a masters degree in education. Her CV includes a long list of courses and workshops some of which are: Brain Gym, Intuition and Creativity, CR , T-Team, ARICP, Feldenkrais, horse anatomy and biomechanics, Zen and Horseback Riding, and riding with, and auditing clinics with modern dressage masters. And of course many years of studying and riding with Sally Swift.

Sally Haney is a Senior Centered Riding Instructor, an Alexander Teacher, Level II Reiki Practitioner and a Registered Movement Therapist. Equestrian memberships have included USEF, NEDA, USDF, NARHA, T-Team and Centered Riding. Professionally Sally is a member of Alexander Technique International and is a RMT and a member of the Somatics Society.

Centered Riding has been an integral part of Sally's life since she was first introduced to it in 1979. She teaches Centered Riding students and updates Centered Riding teachers in the US and in Europe. She also offers one and two day Alexander workshops.


* Space is limited; advanced registration required.

For information call
Jean or Tammy at (360) 474-8313 


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